Does Brexit mean you are excluded from Europe?

Of course not! Trade relations between Hamburg and Britain go back many centuries before the EU came into existence and will continue. However, withdrawal from the Single Market does pose a number of challenges. So perhaps putting down some roots in the EU so that you have the best of all worlds might be a smart move.

Hamburg is an Anglophile city with a sizeable British community, international in outlook through its position as a major trading hub, and close relations with it Baltic Sea neighbours working closely in science and technology partnerships. Tutech – the knowledge transfer arm of Hamburg University of Technology – can help you plug straight into the tech community and feel at home.

What we can offer to any technology-based business, in particular one keen to establish itself in Hamburg
  • Office/lab space in a building fully equipped with office services including IT and other communications
  • Professional services for setting up technology-based companies including access to legal advice
  • An exceptional network across Hamburg and its environs both in the public and private sectors
  • Personal relationship access to many of the key players in Hamburg and beyond
  • Direct connections to the Nordic countries (Hamburg is a major player in the Baltic Sea Region)
  • A knowledge of funding grants from regional, national and EU sources
  • An environment used to English as a means of communication
  • Partnership in the EU-funded Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) – a pan European network with global offshoots for brokering contacts for SMEs.

In addition, Tutech staff can help with expat needs such as recommendations for support for relocation, finding schools, advice on the cost of living.

Hamburg and the British – we go back a long time! This is what happened in 1611

Long before the conception of the European Economic Community or the European Union, Hamburg has had close trading links with the UK. In 1611 The Merchant Adventurer of York signed an advantageous trading agreement with the Senate of Hamburg granting special privileges and a home-from-home to trade in return for making Hamburg their base. Hamburg is the most Anglophile of all German cities.

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“Whatever happens, we will remain friends”

The evening before the Brexit referendum in June 2016, Olaf Scholz, then Hamburg’s First Mayor (equivalent to first minister), ended his speech at a Garden Party in honour of HM The Queen’s 90th birthday with the words that whatever happens, “Freundschaft bleibt”. Hamburg will remain a friend of Britain come what may. This sentiment has …

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Your partner in Hamburg

In the spirit of our tradition of helping European and global organisations work together to provide solutions, we wish to support our UK colleagues to ensure relationships across Europe continue to flourish.

Tutech Innovation has been supporting collaboration between European research, industrial, NGO and public entities to act as a driving force for innovation for more than two decades. Owned by Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH) and the City of Hamburg, Tutech’s mission is to ensure society benefits from cutting edge knowledge, science and technology.

Tutech has long-established experience of supporting technology business start-ups, many as spinouts of TUHH, but also individual entrepreneurs. We are therefore able to offer services that will be useful to any technology-based business, in particular one keen to establish itself in Hamburg.

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Hamburg – Gateway to the World!

Berlin may be a cool place to chill, but Hamburg is the place to do serious business (if you want to let your hair down, Berlin is only 1.5 hours away by train). As one of the world’s great trading cities, a major world port, Hamburg is known in Germany as the Gateway to the World.

Hamburg wishes to become Northern Europe’s Capital of Knowledge

Hamburg is one of the 16 Länder of the Federal Republic of Germany – it is a city state with a population of 1.8 million and its own elected government. The Senate controls many policy areas and operates its own budget.

Communication between the public administration, industry and research is close – particular helpful in areas where there is a public interest and funding opportunities.

Hamburg is known for its position as a trading hub going back 800 years. It is also the third most important aerospace cluster in the world (after Seattle and Toulouse) due to being the location of an Airbus manufacturing and R&D centre. It is home to world-class scientific research infrastructures like the German Synchrotron DESY and it is the location of the new European-funded free-electron laser XFEL due to become operational in 2017. With the construction of the European Spallation Source (ESS) just ‘up the road’ in Lund in Southern Sweden, these facilities mean there is a huge concentration of exciting materials research in this part of the world.

The University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf (UKE) is a leading centre for medical research and, together with Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH), has established a medical technologies centre. TUHH has a long tradition of research in environmental technologies and sustainability with a number of spinout companies.

Hamburg is seeking to become Northern Europe’s Capital of Knowledge. In 2011 it followed Stockholm as Europe’s Green Capital. Hamburg is playing an active role in developing Smart City solutions in the fields of sustainability, communications, energy, mobility, and logistics. It has close relations with other cities such as Copenhagen and Amsterdam with similar interests and participates in many European projects on these themes.

It has a thriving creative industries sector; it is the traditional home of many German print media, and the national TV news programme ‘Tagesschau’ is produced here. Music of all types thrives and not just in the spectacular Elbphilharmonie concert hall, dubbed ‘Elphi’ by Hamburgers, which opened in 2017.

Hamburg conducts its own foreign policy to the extent that it seeks out contact with regions of interest. Hamburg is a prime mover in the Baltic Sea Region. It has also been doing business with China almost as long as with the UK. It is home to one of the largest Chinese communities in Germany. It is an openminded and tolerant city that overwhelmingly has welcomed some 60,000 refugees without rancour.

There is also a cricket team here!

So the bottom line is, a base in Hamburg will open a multitude of opportunities for you to grow your business, particularly if you have innovative technologies or services related to the above fields. And with a good airport in the centre of the city you can be back in Blighty in under two hours!

Our business location in Hamburg is also supported by Hamburg Invest.

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If you would like further information about setting up a technology-based company in Hamburg from those who can offer practical experience from a European perspective, please contact:

Monica Schofield CEng FIET
Director International Cooperation
Head Consultancy & Competence Development
Tutech Innovation GmbH


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